Kalina's bow

Bow is always in fashion.
Bowss with thin or wide tape.

Kalina's closet

Peek into our closet and find the ideal dress for your child.

Kalina's room

Do you want to your child live in a fairy tale?

Is it a special occasion or is it a good enough reason to have your child dress and feel like a princess every day ?

We decided to use organic cotton and linen for our clothes, because not only is it sustainable, it is already one of the most luxurious materials. It is more durable than most other materials that are important for children, soft and lightweight, yet wearable for every season. Enjoy and let your kids be children.
Our bows and dresses are traditional, classical and timeless.
Our goal is to love what your children like.
Modern, but also practical - organic cotton fabrics, look and feel nice, but they are perfect for the sensitive skin of a child.